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Daniel johnson

Daniel Philip Johnson

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Junior Full-stack developer for hiyield. My personal goal is to help others get their first programming job and work my way towards becoming a senior.

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Cornwall, United Kingdom
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Mission Statement:

Mission driven react developer with a passion to create apps that allows you to express your ideas.

Enthusiastic programmer looking to expand his skills with the right front-end react developer position. I have a Theoretical knowledge of the fundamentals HTML, CSS and JS. I specialise in react development, graphql, redux, redux thunk and reselect. I'm seeking to further develop my front end skills and be part of a team that can accelerate my development.

I started with web development during my years at univeristy. I made websites and 2D games as a hobby. In my 3rd year I was responsible for creating programs for neuroscience lab projects. Recently I started to pursue web development as a career because it is something I enjoy. I enrolled with coursera and completed courses, im currently updating my freecodecamp projects and improving my skills with Udemy courses.

Current Focus: // Accessibility // React // Performance // Responsive

๐Ÿ“” Quick Biography

When did I discover programming: Well, when I was a young child, my mother, in her spare time would copy code from a manual to make games run on theCommodore 64 (CBM 64)but putting them into memory. She kept this console for quite some time it was the closest thing we had to a computer. The first game I remember helping run wasBlue Meanies from Outer Space. It was so exciting to see it running, however, not so for my mom. She claimed all that time for a space invaders clone.

Span a few years to one year before I started college. I needed to buy a PC to submit my assignments. So during the summer of 2008, I worked so hard cleaning hotels with my mother. I now had enough money to buy my first computer aPackard Bell iMedia x2414with an enormous amount of Ram totalling 2GB and an intel Celeron with duo cores. The best part was it was running everyone's favourite Windows versionWindows Vista. It was so hard to get any work done. Then one fatal evening windows broke theDHCP no longer workedI had no clue how to fix it and no other device to search how to fix it. I was then forced to use the library to find a solution get a windows disc this seemed almost impossible. I started to ask what is Windows and is there an alternative. The answer was Yes!Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope). I encountered problems I was unable to download the ISO. So I asked canonical for a disc and enclosed a cheque to cover the shipping. From that day I have used Linux ever since. The distros I commonly use now areKubuntu 20.10,Manjaro"andArch Linux. I useKDEas my GUI "you know what they say old habits die hard." Yes, I occasionally use Windows. After I built my next PC, I gotWindows 7and came acrossXNA Game Studio 3.0. The idea of making games for Xbox seemed great. It gave me a moment of nostalgia with my mom. Which lead me to learn C# fromMicrosoft Academyand eventually built anRPG game from the toolkitthey provided. I progressed onto making anUbuntu Linux serverout of interest as well as a samba server. All in my free time. During my final year of studies, I was responsible for creating experiments with python and using libraries such aspandas,NumPyandmatplotlibto plot and analysis data. Now I found my calling with web development and love every moment I get using JavaScript and react.js

๐Ÿ† My values and mission

I always try to leave the world a better place than yesterday. I try to give advice related to programming and personal. I always try 99% of the time to help the best I can. If I don't know the answer. I will try my hardest to find the answer or find another person that can help you. I keep almost all my code 99.9% opensource for others to look at and use on GitHub. I want to help you build apps, websites and programs that express your ideas.

Currently, I'm finishing off my language studies with the Spanish language. I know that speaking and reading in the English language is a blessing. Many people do not have access to good programming content due to it being in English. Providing a language barrier. Also, most educational content is not reasonably priced when you convert it to other currencies. For instance, Peruvian Soles to Dollars it can make courses very expensive. This is something I'm serious about addressing and hoping to help with. That's why I volunteer my time and money to help those from South America and North America. I want to also make educational content that is accessible to as much of the world as possible. If you would like to help by converting my future tutorials, blog and books to other languages. Please let me know :). I'm happy to give you credit. I hope we can all make educational content more accessible to those who desire to program can do it.


Although it seems like my life is entirely ruled by programming and computers. I do have spare time and things that I cherish. I love to read about psychology from both books and journals. I also love reading in general. Here are some books I've enjoyed reading right now.

In another life, I was actually for a while a semi-professional Fortnite player. I enjoyed playing it a lot. However, after a while, I started to feel a great sense of unfulfillment. I started, to realise just because you are good at something doesn't necessarily mean you should force yourself to do it. I still prefer anonymity for the reason I never liked to disclose my real identity. Despite that, I still wish to try public speaking at conferences. Who knows what the future holds?

During my competition days, coding made me really happy. I got out of bed excited and, it drives my girlfriend crazy as I always bother her with my projects and what I had learnt. It still happens now. Always she sits there and tries hard to understand.

The significant part of my life and the biggest change is my girlfriend Fabiola. I don't want to name her fully because I want her to still feel some anonymity and not feel pressured. With her, everything started to click for me in my programming career. Having someone that believes your dream so much that even when you feel low and down afterlife beating you. She is there still believing in me. She keeps my life in balance by forcing me to take breaks when I decide to overdo it. Also giving me constant encouragement to be better and quick to offer some pointers on what needs addressing. Really we a- mover Banner to the Top - move profile picture underneathre a great team.


Ways to support my journey, values and mission Follow Me You can encourage me on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Tell me what you need to know about web-development I would love to write about it and help by making learning material. I want to create content in the forms of blogs, posts and YouTube. Share, share and share again! If you enjoy my content, please share it with friends and family. Comment and give me valuable feedback! I want my projects to be of high quality. Learn React or Vue.js These are areas I specialise in so can answer your questions and possibly help collaborate. Contribute Also, come join me on some GitHub projects and practice with me! Find an issue with my tutorial GitHub source let me know! Make a pull request and show off your skills.